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and analysis of news

Buzznet is a platform where a media environment is being represented in real time mode 24/7.

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Buzznet - innovation actually work
Аналитическая работа в режиме реального времени

Analytical work in real time

This is effective access to online news resources, which include
web-sites of government agencies, news agencies, press, electronic media, online edition.
Технологии и алгоритмы

Technology and algorithms

Speed. When we created our system we wanted it to be quick. Quick search, instant formation of graphical reports - it's really impressive.
Мониторинг социальных сетей в 2 клика

Monitoring of social networks in 2 clicks

Professional tool for marketers, PR and SMM specialists
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Whether you're working on a study of whether to create a daily news digest, or browsing the top stories on a particular topic - Buzznet always provide you with a clear information advantage. The unique level of data analysis allows to cut all nonessential and find the latest, critical information.

Tretyakov Egor
Tretyakov Egor Inspirer

Today is such a thing as the media monitoring has turned from an obscure term into a powerful development tool for any company, allows you to receive all the necessary information about competitors, their own company from newspapers, radio, television, the Internet.

Mikhaylenko Valentine
Mikhaylenko Valentine Developer

Buzznet will help you quickly make informed decisions through access to thousands of news sources and high-quality information collected on a single platform. Powerful search and alerts provide you with the right information at the right time.

Krykov Vasilii
Krykov Vasilii Developer