Buzznet.ru. Monitoring of media: collection, systematization and analytics of news

Buzznet.ru is an instrument of monitoring of media: automatically collects news from the Russian-speaking websites, and thanks to technologies of artificial intelligence of news are distributed on subjects and are grouped in news plots. Manual intervention in work of algorithms is excluded.

All material on the website has news and analytical nature, messages of not news nature (weather forecasts, the TV-program and schedules, congratulations, press releases of the companies, materials of advertizing nature, verses, jokes, feuilletons, horoscopes, works of art) aren't displayed.

Reprints from primary sources are processed by the aggregator as duplicates and aren't shown on the website.

It is convenient service of instant search of the news taking into account morphology of Russian published on the Internet.

Buzznet.ru is research system, - all algorithms are constantly enhanced.

Restrictions of use of content:

  • Without the owner's consent complete or partial copying (reproduction) of content is forbidden.

  • Each material placed in system is followed by the active reference to the source.

You also agree with that, buzznet.ru can't control content of such website and undertake any responsibility for the material created or published on it.