Team is the Russian team of the developers which are carried away by new technologies. It allows to realize the ideas which implementation wasn't represented possible still yesterday. Having declared oneself in 2012, we set the firm object to create the best instrument of monitoring of media.

We are constantly improving

Make the product quality and responsibly, the level better than others. Such goals were in front of us when we started work on the new system.

We do not stop to improve the system. We are working on new functionality and improve our algorithms. Learning from competitors in the Russian market, and we look at their foreign counterparts.

Developers are always in direct contact with the users, which gives great potential for development.

Tretyakov Egor
Tretyakov Egor Inspirer
Krykov Vasilii
Krykov Vasilii Developer
Mikhaylenko Valentine
Mikhaylenko Valentine Developer
Chipcov Shchiptcov
Chipcov Shchiptcov System architect
Yaroshinskaya Ekaterina
Yaroshinskaya Ekaterina Developer
Prokof'ev Аleksandr
Prokof'ev Аleksandr SEO-аналитик, продвижение
Barandych Аnton
Barandych Аnton Designer
Orlova Valeriya
Orlova Valeriya Контент-менеджер
Klimov Tikhon
Klimov Tikhon Контент-менеджер
Tyurina Аnna
Tyurina Аnna Graphic designer
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