Monitoring of the media it's so easy!

System features
The system consists of a database and automated media analysis module that allows for an independent search of information published in the media, as well as an analysis of quantitative and qualitative characteristics for any given period of time.
Скорость работы


Instant gathering information from sources made robots that mimic human action, which excludes the possibility of its substitution for automatic news aggregators. For example, we have taken into account that the normal reading speed in Russian in an adult is in the range of 120-180 words per minute.
Полная автоматизация

Full automation

Automatic detection of news topics. Unique algorithm, taking the best from current popular approaches such as neural networks and LDA, supplemented by our own developments. We do not need to manually allocate keywords in the news, for the determination of its subject matter, this happens automatically. Try keyword to divide the topics economics and finance?
Мгновенный поиск

Instant search

Instantaneous speed database search of news on a proprietary algorithm - the account goes on a millisecond. Instant construction of graphical reports.
We have done everything that you are comfortable
For you have been implemented algorithms for automatic:
  • Annotating materials;
  • Spin the main themes of publications;
  • Instructions key publications in relation to the company/person;
  • Highlight key words in text;
  • Automatic selection of photo images to the news;
  • Categorization digest criteria;
  • Always up to date information on social media;
  • Management of reputation and risks in social media;
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